The Bellarmine Centre, Spring 2019 The Opening of the Swimming Pool, October 2018 2008 James Joyce Library Dormitory Refurbished Dormitory, Summer 2019 AHEF Launch, January 2020

The 2019-20 academic year saw the introduction of the of the new learning centre for the Third Line: The Bellarmine Centre and the conclusion of a three-year dormitory refurbishment programme for the 1929 Building.

The Bellarmine Centre reflects the best in modern learning practice and it will transform the learning experience of future generations of boys in Elements and Rudiments, much in the way the James Joyce Library (2008) has done for the wider school body.  The creation of the Bellarmine Centre has revolutionized the space, which was once the refectory and kitchens of the 1966 Building, and more recently the Third Line Study, into a bright and welcoming space.  At the same time, it’s construction has allowed for the clearance of a jumble of outhouses and the temporary church from Letterkenny purchased by Fr. James Brennan SJ, in 1901, in order to serve as a gymnasium, theatre and exam hall. This has created an open space out towards the 1999, Rhetoric Block and the Science, Arts and Technology Building (2010).  In the fullness of time this space will become a second quadrangle.

In late January 2020 the Foundation formally launched the Alberto Hurtado Endowment Fund; a permanent fund managed by an outside investment manager whose long term objective is to fully fund the Alberto Hurtado Bursary Programme. Please read more about the launch in the next item on the menu bar. 

The summer of 2019 saw the completion of the refurbishment of the dormitory space in the 1929 Building.  Largely untouched since the Building became operational in 1932, the dormitories were in need of significant overhaul.  The works started with the replacement of the windows in an environmentally supportive way and then moved on to the renovation of the living space in three phases in a manner that was sympathetic to the original Building.  The 1932 Clongownian noted “the dormitories are divided into cubicles, roomy and comfortable, each with hot and cold water, linen press and separate window over which the owner exercises undisputed control.”  That the recently finished refurbishment can be described as light touch, by our Board of Management’s building committee, is a testament to the quality of the original construction, specification and design.  It is estimated that the 1929 Building would cost some € 30m to build today with the caveat that “in modern times it could never be economically built to the level of specification in the original construction.” The original investment in quality paid dividends in the sense that the Building functioned for some 90 years without any meaningful investment.    

The state of the art, 25 metre, five lane swimming pool was officially opened by the Tanaiste, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Simon Coveney OC’90 in late October 2018. The pool is a wonderful addition to the College and together with the sports hall and the refurbished all-weather pitch, it provides a hugely impressive sporting campus.