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The principal objective of the Clongowes Wood College Foundation, as set out in its Trust Deed, is “the advancement of education through the support, maintenance, and development of Clongowes Wood College and through the support of the students attending Clongowes Wood College.”


The college’s operating surplus falls short of what is needed to maintain the past and build for the future. The role of the Foundation is to fund this shortfall thereby allowing the Board of Management to plan for the future of the school and deliver on its objective of educating young men of “competence, conscience and compassionate commitment”.


The Creation of the Clongowes Wood College Foundation

In its 15 years of its existence, the Foundation has helped fund amongst other projects, the creation of The Bellarmine Centre, the Science, Art and Technology Building (2010), James Joyce Library (2008), a new Sports Hall (2011), the installation of the Vinny Murray All-Weather pitch (2005), and it’s subsequent resurfacing (2018), and the building of the new indoor Swimming Pool (2017).


We are very grateful to many donors: parents, past pupils, The Jesuit Province, The Jesuit Community and friends of the College who have supported the College over the years.


The long tradition of philanthropy in Clongowes dates back to 1886. Then, a meeting of Old Clongownians was held in Dublin with the specific aim of raising funds for the rebuilding of the Old Refectory and Study Hall (which now houses the James Joyce Library and the Lower Line Study), after a fire had destroyed it.  The generosity of previous generations has endowed the college with many iconic buildings and protected structures all of which are in constant need of repair and refurbishment.


In the coming years there are plans to renovate and upgrade the infirmary, add new changing rooms for visiting teams and to provide accommodation for the prefecting staff and their families. Longer term, the new Board of Management intend to introduce a strategic plan for the school to supersede the Clongowes 2020 plan, which launched back in 1994.

Joe Rooney OC’79

Chair of Fundraising

Clongowes Foundation

Tel: 00353 (0) 45 838 215

M: 00353 (0) 086 383 7771